Japanese Beetle Control for Roses

Beginning in June, Japanese beetles start to thrive. If uncontrolled, they can destroy nearly all of your summer rose buds and blooms as well as do some serious damage to the foliage.

What do Japanese beetles look like?

Adult Japanese beetles are about 3/8 inch long with shiny, copper-colored wing covers and shiny green thoraxes and heads. The five small white tufts on each side of the wing covers distinguish Japanese beetles from similar metallic green or coppery beetles.

Japanese Beetle on Rose
Japanese Beetle


Japanese beetle damage on roses

Japanese beetles are attracted by the scent of the flowers on rose bushes. They start feeding on the top of the plant and move down as defoliation occurs. Damage to plants is obvious and can occur within just a few hours. The beetles produce pheromones that will attract more males and females to feed and find potential mates. This will bring more beetles into your garden, challenging any control program that you may have.

Japanese beetle damade on rose bud Japanese beetle damage on rose blooms
Japanese Beetle Damage on Rose Bud
Japanese Beetle Damage on Roses

Japanese beetles can also cause extensive damage to foliage:

Japanese beetle damage to foliage
Japanese Beetle Damage on Rose Foliage


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