Aphid Control for Roses

Aphids, commonly known as plant lice, are common pests of ornamental plants, including roses.

What do Aphids look like?

Aphids are up to 1/4 inch long green, yellow, pink, brown, gray or black insects that can both be winged or wingless. The color depends on the species and type of plant that the aphids feed on. Some aphids may be waxy or wooly in appearance. The body of aphids is pear-shaped with long legs and antennae.

Aphids most frequently are found in dense groups feeding on young stems and leaves.

aphids on roses
Aphids on Roses


Aphids on roses

Aphids generally do little physical damage to your roses. Only large numbers of aphids can cause leaf curling, yellowing and distorted growth of leaves and stunting of new shoots. Leaves of your roses are usually sticky with honeydew (aphid excrement) or blackened by sooty molds (brown and black fungi).

The most devastating damage occurs when aphids transmit viruses to your roses while feeding on their sap.

How to control Aphids